mia and the mystery club

Mia and the Mystery Club is a television show pitch I created with Jackie Lee and Basil Larios during the 2016 Nickelodeon Summer Arts two-week pitch program. 

It follows the adventures of three aspiring detectives - Mia the half-mermaid, Kay the pink river dolphin, and Cristiano the blowfish, who bonded through their love of comics. They live together on I'a Aina, an island populated with various fish-human hybrids and endless mysteries. Although Mia lives alone on a beached yacht, Kay has no dorsal fin, and Cris's head blows up when he's startled, their love for detective work keeps them on the hunt for new adventures. Below is my work from the pitch (Characters design process by me and Jackie Lee. Final illustrations below by me).

character lineup




the mystery club